They must have descended into the darkness for a reason

They must have descended into the darkness for a reason.

It’s a participatory universe, I once read, certainly when it comes to the world of

the really small where the universe and the observer exist as a pair in a timeless

creative embrace.  This world moves and resonates.

Light and sound have the same source – vibration.

What happens when you, the observer, darken their world?

Try it. Lower your hand gently over the two glass vessels and the tree.

Get close but try not to touch them.

Interactive sound installation. Light sensors, fm synthesis. Installation shot at Tremenheere Gallery.

As you move your hand slowly towards these imagined realities you decrease

their light and lower the resistance of the electric current.

At the same time, you create vibrational fields that resonate and become audible.

Vibrations are at the heart of the human body and the physical world.

If only we had a better understanding of the interconnectedness of life and our material world.