Movement – synthesis – spectral drone

Movement to MIDI, using vst plug-in Spectral Drone Maker (by Michael Norris) Like in the previous post, Movement to MIDI, this patch translates image pixel data into MIDI notes.. The spectral drone maker manipulates the synthesised frequencies creating a stochastic composition.

Movement to MIDI – making music and Alzheimer’s

Mid December 2020 I was invited by a longstanding friend to work with her partner Lou. At the age of 60 she suffers from a rare type of Alzheimer’s which left her visually impaired and severely affected her speech. Music and gently moving to rhythms are the two things she enjoys most. Over the coming year I will be working with her to develop interactive musical instruments that work primarily

They must have descended into the darkness for a reason

They must have descended into the darkness for a reason. It’s a participatory universe, I once read, certainly when it comes to the world of the really small where the universe and the observer exist as a pair in a timeless creative embrace.  This world moves and resonates. Light and sound have the same source – vibration. What happens when you, the observer, darken their world? Try it. Lower your

Cultivator Cornwall – Professional Development Grant

Over the past year my work has been moving away from drawing and painting towards interactive media, sound and small installations. The process seemed painfully slow as I wrestled with the technology, mainly through trial and error, to make this transition happen. In June 2020 I successfully applied for a development grant from Cultivator Cornwall. The funds I received helped me to learn more about the two pivotal components of