Artist Residency at the Morrab Library, Penzance Part 2

Morrab Library came to life. The Morrab Library is in the Morrab Gardens, amid the subtropical palm trees and plants that thrive in milder climates. Every writing desks upstairs faces the windows. The lush green colours of the foliage, the birdsong coming through the windows, and sea views make you want to dream and drift. It is a tranquil place, safe, warm and welcoming. Downstairs, the entrance, the reception and

Artist Residency at the Morrab Library, Penzance

Morrab Artist Residency Blog February – June 2022 In October 2019, I approached Morrab Library with a proposal for a six-month artist’s residency, starting early 2020. It was my first ever residency, and I wasn’t sure what to expect outside the comfort of my studio. The library, situated in Penzance, not far from where I live, is one of the last 50 independent libraries left in the country, and the

Let it rip – a tribute to Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

Audio reactive video and sound installation – projector, computer, MaxMsp, microphone, loudspeakers, October 2021 In October 2021 the Newlyn Society of Artists celebrated the 125th anniversary with a landmark exhibition at Tremenheere Gallery, near Gulval, Penzance. The brief for the show was short and sweet: find inspiration from our prestigious history and create some work. Let it rip – The title of the work was inspired by the words of

Your words are like music to my ears – Project idea

I am working on an idea for a project. Take the human voice, convert it into MIDI notes, synthesise the frequencies and you get something like Your Words are Music to my Ears. It does what it says on the tin – at least that’s the theory. The image above shows a tiny mock-up for an installation. The white object and centre piece of the work is an oversized elongated

Drum machine – Alzheimer’s and Lou’s voice

Drum machine, playing back audio recordings This patcher is not the prettiest looking drum machine, but it was fun to make. The work with my friend Lou does not always go according to plan. I often adapt the sessions depending on her energy levels and attention span. This time she was full of beans, and created some funny rhythmic vocal sounds, which I recorded and turned into a sequencer. The